Return Policy

We strive to ensure all of our customers expectations are met. If you have any problem with your order reaching out to us via email, or our web form is the best way to communicate your issue to us. Email us


Most issues customers have with coupons is related to the coupon restrictions. All restrictions for each coupon are listed on their respective product pages. You encouraged to full read each coupon description and restriction. We post full details and restrictions so you are fully aware which items and stores they can be used. All replacements and refunds are at our discretion. As these are consumable digital products the few bad apples in the past have forced us to be more strict on our policies. If you file a dispute with PayPal or your credit card without working on a resolution with us you will forfeit your ability to obtain a replacement, get refund. We will also not allow you to place future orders.


Coupons are checked before being sent to customers. It is extremely rare that you will receive a non working coupon. In the event you receive a non working coupon contact us for a replacement. Due to a select group of past customers we will scrutinize each replacement order based on past order history.


As a last resort we will issue a refund under certain circumstances. The refund you receive will vary depending on payment type. This is due to policies that differ between payment processors all PayPal refunds will not include the transaction fee. PayPal has recently changed their policy regarding refunds. This change has made it so they will no longer refund the transaction fees. You can read more about that policy change here.

Please be aware we will not send refunds for bulk orders under any circumstances. Any order above 2 coupons will be treated as a bulk order.

Here is the short list of reasons we will not honor refunds:

  • Bulk orders
  • Not reading coupon details and restriction
  • Repeated requests
  • Coupon expired before you got a change to use