Lowes Website Updates

Lowes website was being updated last night, this resulted in coupons not registering as valid. This happens when Lowes performs updates to their website. Most of the website works normally however when you enter a promotional code it will come back invalid. No matter if the coupon is valid or not. Once the website upgrade is completed the coupon will work. These website updates usually happen in the early hours once or twice a month. We suggest if you’re trying codes at a very early hour and they are coming back invalid, wait and try again during normal store hours.

They will not make changes to their website during peak shopping times. Checking and using codes during normal business hours will ensure your coupons are able to be used. A customer emailed us last night with this very issue. We directed him to wait a few hours before trying again. As expected a few hours later the website was functioning as normal and the coupon worked.

Keep in mind they don’t have any indicators their website is being updated, so this can be a very frustrating encounter. To purchase valid coupons visit our webstore.

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