Lowes Ends Online Coupon Usage In-Store Only For Now

Lowes is no longer accepting online coupons. While this is frustrating for some it’s not the end of the world. All of Lowes promotional codes are now in-store only. They have officially ended the usage of coupons on Lowes.com & Lowesforpros.com. This change was made on 10/1/2019 and there is little evidence they will start accepting coupons in the future. A couple months ago they stopped accepting all coupons on Lowesforpros.com which was an early warning sign they would follow suit with Lowes.com.

Coupon codes no longer work online

Why Would Lowes Not Allow Online Coupons

We can only guess why Lowes decided to stop allowing their coupons to be used online. This allows them to have better control over which coupons are used, by who, and how many. As of November 2018 Lowes has 2,002 retail locations across stretching across North America located in The United States, Canada, and Mexico.

On November 5, 2018, Lowe’s announced that it will be closing 51 under-performing stores, 20 stores in the United States and 31 in Canada under the Lowe’s and Rona names by February 2019. They also announced that it would close all stores in Mexico. Lowes is the second largest home improvement chain in the United States second to Home Depot.

lowes coupons still accepted instore only not online

There is a very profitable niche for big chain stores like Lowes. Web scrapers running 24 hours a day scanning the different Lowes retail location websites looking for clearance mark downs which can be coupled with coupons in order to get items for next to free. These items are then in turn sold online at places like eBay, Amazon and also locally at flea markets.

Drop shippers order products using gift cards directly from Lowes and have them sent directly to their customers without having to maintain any sort of stock. The drop shipper finds a deal online, then lists it for sale on eBay or Amazon. Once the item sells they make the purchase on Lowes website as if they were the actual customer. This is where the second coming of the dreaded error code 237 showed up most likely to see the effects it had on curbing the practice.

When Will Online Coupons Be Available For Lowes

It’s hard to say if online promotional codes will ever be accepted again on Lowes website. This change will effect a lot of people who want to shop online and have their items delivered. They areĀ  looking to increase the companies stock value they are trailing behind Home Depot. Customer services representatives for Lowes.com have said the new CEO wants to end promotional discounts. You will notice the military discount has already disappeared.

lowes website online codes all invalid 10 off 50

Can Coupons Still Be Used For Lowes

This new change has only effected the use of coupons on their website. Promotional codes are still being sent out to customers and are being accepted at Lowes retail locations. Keep in mind on every coupon it states Lowes can change the discounts at anytime, and also it’s up to the manager of the store whether or not to honor the coupon. Don’t assume there is a problem with your promo code if the savings truncated to 5% when you were expecting 10%. While this can be a hassle it doesn’t happen often it’s purely at the discretion of management of the current Lowes retail location you’re visiting.

accepted lowes promo code

Lowes in store printable coupon value for 20 off 100

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