Lowes Canceling And Placing Orders On Hold

Lowes is now taking a proactive approach to product resellers and mega deal bulk shoppers. For years eCommerce sites belonging to brick and mortar chains have had their products prices scraped. The process of scraping data from these sites isn’t isolated to customers looking for a deal. The competition also builds scrapers to monitor pricing on the same products they sell to stay competitive with pricing.
lowes canceled online order in-store pickup

How Are They Finding Orders To Cancel

Lowes has put together a small team at their corporate office in North Carolina. This team gets lists of orders that match a pattern of buying activity (past purchases, mass buying of discounted items, etc).  This list is then scrutinized by the team to evaluate if the order was made by a normal customer who stumbled upon a good deal or if there is evidence it was placed by a bulk buyer.
If the order triggers the system it will place the online order on hold for review by this team. After the team reviews the order and they conclude it was in fact placed by a bulk buyer with intent to resell the products the order is canceled. Simply using coupons does not seem to be triggering this behavior.

Notification Of Canceled Orders

When orders are put on hold there is no notice sent to the customer. Sometimes an email will be sent out 24-48 hours after the order was placed notifying the customer of the cancellation. However a lot of customers pick up their order in-store and don’t find out the order is on hold or canceled until arriving at the store to retrieve the order.

What Can You Do If Your Order Is Canceled

Unfortunately if one of your orders gets canceled by Lowes you have very few options. You could spend time calling into customer service to find out why however the result is always “nothing we can do, please resubmit your order”.

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