Here are all of our frequently asked questions. Most all of your issues can be solved using this page. We update this regularly. If you don’t see an answer to your issue please contact us.

Where do the coupons come from?

We obtain our coupons from forums, discord chats, newsgroups, news clippings, and other users who give them to us in exchange for coupons in other stores.

My coupon didn’t work

Most of the time this comes down to customers not reading the product description and restrictions. Each coupon has restrictions which are outlined in detail on their respective product pages.

Do these work on Lowes website?

They have stopped accepting coupons on October 1st 2019. The promotional code box on their checkout page is for gift cards only now.

Can I get a discount on bulk?

We already offer the lowest price on coupons online. We do offer automatic discounts on multiple coupons in a single order. We also offer the biggest discount for Bitcoin payments.

What if I don’t use it before it expires?

You are encouraged to use your coupon as soon as possible. Do not place an order for a coupon until you are ready to use the coupon. We will not replace or refund a coupon that has expired.