Max Coupon Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through this list of frequently asked questions for the coupons listed on our website. We are actively updating this to stream line communication and best practices for using your coupons. If you don’t see an answer to your question please contact us we are happy to help.lowes_20_off_coupon

My Coupon Doesn’t Work

Before you contact customer service please ensure you entered the code correctly in your shopping cart. Many times customers simply mistype the code when checking to see if it’s valid. When using copy and paste make sure you didn’t paste any extra spaces before or after the coupon code.

Possible Reason For Coupon Not Working

Lowes website is under maintenance a few times a week around Midnight until around 6:00am EST. The promotional box will show however it will not function or accept any codes.

Solution: Wait until after 6:00am EST and try again.

Lowes app for iPhone and Android has issues sometimes accepting codes. We recommend using the Lowes website with a web browser whenever possible.

Solution: Paste your coupon code into the promotional box then delete the last digit and manually enter that digit.

Important Coupon Usage

If you use too many coupon codes while logged into the same web browser you made need to clear cookies and cache. Also if you use your Lowes account with too many coupons they will not allow you to use coupons at all. The best way for online ordering with coupons is not logged into a Lowes account and using a fresh browser with cookies and cache cleared.

While we do our best by incorporating multiple checks on codes prior to them being sent out, occasionally a coupon will be delivered that’s invalid. In this case please contact us right away and we will send out a new valid code. We want to make sure you have a good experience so any and all issues we resolve to meet and exceeds your expectations. If you contact us during off hours please give us time to respond, we do our best to fix issues promptly.

Printable Coupons With Barcode

If you want a barcode to use at the self checkout or register visit our coupon maker and enter your purchased coupon code. Make coupons for in store usage in these stores Lowes, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Printed Lowes Example Coupon
Printable Lowes Coupon Example

We don’t only offer Lowes and Home Depot coupons we are constantly looking and adding new coupons to our store. We will always have our latest coupons posted.

Coupon Replacement/Refund Policy

In the event there is a problem with your order please contact us right away. When you purchase a coupon you need to validate it and contact us within 15 minutes of ordering to ensure we can replace your coupon. Our products are consumable we will replace a bad coupon with a good coupon. Please be mindful that replacement coupons are sent and verified manually, so please if you contact us after hours 8:00 PM EST or on weekends responses will take longer. We will not issue refunds because you purchased another coupon somewhere else, keep this in mind before placing an order. We reserve the right to reject future orders from customers as we see fit.

Our Coupon Guarantee

We 100% guarantee your coupon will be valid upon delivery. We will fix any problem with your order by replacement, refund, or any other means necessary. We know you want to use your coupons immediately so we do our best to send out replacements quickly. While a lot of our system is automated sending replacement codes is not we hand verify each replacement code prior to being sent out. This ensures you are receiving a valid coupon code, we also recommend you use the code as soon as possible. These coupons are consumable once used they are no longer valid to be used again. All we ask is you give us the opportunity to correct any and all issues should they arise with your order. Our proven track record for great customer service gives our customers confidence when placing orders that we will take care of them. Contact us here.