Lowes error code 237 full explanation for shoppers

Complete guide to Lowes error code 237. When using promotional codes on Lowes website for ordering online you may have run into the error message “We cannot process your transaction at this time. For help, please call 866-654-6870 and reference error code 237”. The first thing to remember when this is displayed on checkout is the code you entered is indeed valid. Get codes now!

Lowes Error Code 237 Checking Out Promo

What is Lowes Error Code 237

This error code is displayed if a Lowes customer has repeatedly used one or more of the following the same payment method, email address, name, and Lowes account when ordering online. This impacts in-store pick-up as well as home delivery. This is a shadow ban which stops you from ordering online via Lowes.com. This is their solution to curbing drop shippers and multi coupon use.

The most susceptible

This is a problematic error message which effects a lot of drop shippers who use Lowes as a source for their goods. Drop shippers typically search Lowes website for deeply discounted products then use promo codes to further lessen the cost of the item. Which these products are then sold online on eBay, Amazon, and eCommerce websites, shipped by Lowes. The drop shipper never handles any of the actual products or the shipment, they simply place orders and have them delivered to the purchaser.

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Calling customer service about error

If you call one of the numbers listed you will get a customer service rep. Some people have success placing the order with the rep’s over the phone. You will not be guaranteed your order will be placed calling this phone number. It’s at the discretion of the customer service representative to honor your coupon. You do not need to mention the issue is with error code 237 simple let them know you’re having problems checking out.


Don’t over use coupons using the same information and always checkout as a guest with Lowes website. Some people seem to think using their web browser in incognito mode will stop this from happening. This is completely false as the information collected is specific data that is entered upon ordering such as name, address, credit card, Lowes account, ip address. While it’s true cookie data is also saved, this is not the only they have to prevent over usage of coupons. Lowes uses multiple trackers on their website more than almost anyone else online. Back in May 2019 they announced the acquisition of a Retail Analytics platform called CommerceIQ™ from Boomerang Commerce. This is one of several tools implemented on Lowes website to monitor shopping activity for every aspect of their customer base.

What to do next

So you got error code 237 what now? The best practice is to order through Lowes website or any website using a service such as Privacy.com. Privacy.com is a payment processor that creates secure virtual credit cards securing your identify and money while masking your real card details. You set up a free account, link your bank account, create a virtual credit card of your choice then finally use this card anywhere online. Using Privacy.com virtual cards you can checkout with any name and address you wish the only information they validate is the card number, expiration date and security code match that card. You can setup unlimited amounts of cards for single usage or for ongoing payments. These are always great for reoccurring payments and free signups that require a credit card on file but then charge you later. Privacy.com stops all of this from happening and is being used by more and more people to keep their banking and personal information secure. This service is completely free to consumers they make money by processing the payments the same way Visa, Mastercard, and all other major credit cards make money.

Now using your new virtual credit card you can checkout for in-store pickup with any name and address you like. After you make a payment using one of your Privacy cards Privacy.com will withdrawal the funds usually within 1-3 business days from your associated checking account. Never checkout logged into a Lowes account or with cookies that have been logged into a Lowes account.

With all the trackers being used by almost every website in existence now it’s always a good idea to use tracking protection. Add-ons such as UBlock and Privacy Badger used together provide great protection against unwarranted tracking of your online activity. The data collected by trackers is then fed into databases which are bought and sold by many companies. This data is then used to target you with ads on social media, while shopping at other eCommerce sites, and even in your email. Ever wonder why you were looking something up on Google then later browser your Facebook only to see an advertisement for the exact thing you searched for? Many think it’s the voice capabilities of smart phones while this is also true there are many more ways targeted ads are popping up all over your devices.

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