Bitcoin Guide To Big Coupon Discounts

Since a lot of our users are asking the easiest methods for sending bitcoin we have decided to type up a quick guide. Payment processors such as PayPal charge a fee for each transactions even refunds! These fees add up to a lot in lost money. Bitcoin costs almost no money to send or receive so we pass this savings directly to you. Buying Lowes coupons with bitcoin saves everyone money.

You can also buy bitcoin locally: Coin ATM Radar

15 minutes of your time to set up and make your first purchase

Buy Bitcoin With Cash App

Download Cash App

download cash app apple app store button  download cash google play button

Step 1: Download Square Cash App from App Store or Play Store

For this step, be sure you’re downloading the correct app, as of now it looks like:

cash app apple app store page

Step 2: Create Cash App account

This step is simple just launch Cash App and enter either your phone number or email address to setup your account. This is where you will enter your personal information and add a bank account, debit card, and/or credit card.

cash app sign up

Step 3: On the Cash App accounts screen click on the BTC Bitcoin icon

cash app bitcoin view

Step 4: At the Cash App Bitcoin account screen click on ‘Buy’

cash app actual buy button bitcoin

Step 5: Select which method of payment you would like to use to purchase bitcoin

cash app select bank

Step 6: Goto your bitcoin wallet in Cash App and select withdraw

cash app bitcoin withdraw screenshot

Step 7: Goto your shopping cart on Max Coupons and select bitcoin as payment option and checkout

Read the amount of bitcoin in USD or bitcoin for your shopping cart. The cart gives you 10 minutes to process the bitcoin payment before it times out. If the time runs out you will just have to checkout again. Refresh the page and select check out.

Step 8: Select withdraw amount. You can now send to the address from the shopping cart by scanning QR code or copy/paste the destination address

cash app bitcoin qr code scan screenshot

That’s it! You have now successfully made a purchase using bitcoin!

Buy Coupons With Bitcoin

About Cash App

Cash App Cash App is owned by which allows  you to buy and send bitcoin using your cash app balance. This is by far the easiest method for new bitcoin users especially if you already use Cash App.  In just a few steps you can have bitcoin ready for spending. First add funds to your cash app account via bank account or credit card. Next convert the balance to bitcoin. Pull up your shopping cart on and checkout using bitcoin.

Here is a link for further details on Cash App Cash App’s tips and help paying with bitcoin.


Buy Coupons With Bitcoin


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